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Access the Sensorbee Smart Environment catalog

"I am really fond of the Sensorbee team!"

"They have been really responsive and helpful throughout our entire collaboration. I am aware that several companies can deliver similar products and services, but Sensorbees' positive attitude towards working together and creating solutions makes them stand out."

- Dr Jim Parker, Leeds Beckett University

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Access the Sensorbee catalog:

Sensorbee provides you with advanced outdoor air quality monitors plus the data you need to make a difference

Sensorbee empowers governments, researchers, and citizens with hyperlocal air quality monitoring tools so they can make more informed decisions for the future. Our patented plug-and-play sensors monitor pollutants in real-time.
While our powerful cloud software stores and analyzes data from across the city. Combined, our products make air quality monitoring simple, affordable, and effective so we can all breathe a little easier.

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