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The only all-in-one air quality monitoring system created for smart cities

Collect, analyze, and improve air quality in your area with data-backed insights made simple

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Real-Time Data

Sensorbee's products provide real-time monitoring of key air quality parameters such as PM, CO, NO2, NO, O3, SO2. This allows for immediate detection and response to air quality changes.


Hyperlocal Monitoring

Both fixed and vehicle-mounted monitors can be deployed, creating a network for hyperlocal data collection across an area. This allows for detailed, location-specific insights into air quality


Intuitive Cloud Software

Sensorbee Cloud allows users to manage devices, adjust settings, set up alerts, and visualize data on a secure platform. It turns complex data into easy-to-understand visualizations.


Energy Efficient and Easy Maintenance

The monitors are solar-powered, compatible with other weather sensors, and come with pre-calibrated cartridges for easy sensor exchange. Built-in GPS allows for easy tracking and maintenance of devices.


Heat Map

This feature offers detailed heat maps of citywide pollution and noise, providing a comprehensive understanding of a city’s air quality. It allows users to slide back in time to measure the effects of policy changes or forward to forecast new ones, aiding in effective decision-making for environmental management.

Advanced outdoor air quality monitors plus the data you need to make a difference

Sensorbee empowers governments, researchers, and citizens with hyperlocal air quality and pollution monitoring tools so they can make more informed decisions for the future.

Our patented plug-and-play sensors monitor pollutants in real-time. While our powerful cloud software stores and analyzes data from across the city.


Combined, our products make air quality monitoring simple, affordable, and effective so we can all breathe a little easier.



Sensorbee Air Pro

A modular, adaptable station that measures a wide range of air quality and weather parameters. Designed for versatility and accuracy, ideal for cities, industries, and researchers.


Sensorbee Air Lite

A high-end, cost-effective solution that primarily measures particulate matter. Offers a comprehensive snapshot of air quality, ideal for mass deployment.

"Real-time data at your fingertips! Our solutions leverage mobile networks, NB-IoT, and LTE-M, paired with Sensorbee's robust cloud platform for data storage, analysis, and visualization. Make informed decisions based on precise insights. Also available with a Modbus RS 485 version."

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