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Youmoni in new collaboration with Sensorbee

Youmoni has chosen to integrate Sensorbee’s air quality sensors in its’ IOT platform. Through this collaboration Youmoni users can easily monitor air quality without leaving the platform.

Youmoni is working in the transportation & logistics, smart city & property, industry and automated retail sectors. The company has created a flexible and scalable IoT cloud platform so that users can connect and monitor things no matter where they are.

Through this new collaboration with Sensorbee, Youmoni is showing the importance of good air quality and making it even easier to monitor. Air quality sensors from Sensorbee will be integrated in the Youmoni IOT platform, making air quality monitoring super easy.

Simon Lexén, CSO at Sensorbee and Johan Edgren, founder and CEO at Youmoni.

Poor air quality is a huge problem globally. The outside air is usually polluted due to emissions from traffic, industry and heating systems, to name a few of the big polluters. Sensorbee has developed air quality systems with different sensors to provide air quality data, giving insights to take action for both our health and the environment. There are two different sensors; one vehicle mounted sensor and one fixed position sensor, the second is powered by solar panels.

3-4 May Youmoni and Sensorbee will attend the Stockholm Smart City Expo to show the sensors and the platform. You can visit them at their stand, number E:20.

“We are so excited for this collaboration with Youmoni! Making air quality monitoring easy and accessible is exactly what we want.”

David Löwenbrand, CEO at Sensorbee

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