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SLB analysis will monitor air quality in Stockholm together with Sensorbee

SLB is monitoring air quality in the Stockholm region. Now air quality sensors from Sensorbee will be used on Sveavägen when monitoring emissions and pollution.

SLB analysis measures both levels of air pollution and meteorological parameters at several stations in and outside the Stockholm region. Air pollution and the weather are connected to each other. Wind, rain and sunshine affects the dispersion of pollution and emissions. Poor air quality is a huge problem both globally and locally. The outside air in Stockholm is polluted due to emissions from traffic, industry, energy systems and seafaring to name a few of the big polluters.

This new collaboration means that sensors from Sensorbee will be a part of making an impact on people's lives. Poor air quality is bad for our health, the environment and climate change. SLB analysis monitors air quality on a great scale, and is an important partner for research as well as action projects in Sweden.

“We are really looking forward to a long term collaboration with SLB analysis.” David Löwenbrand, CEO at Sensorbee

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