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Fixed-Position Air Quality Monitoring Station

Sensorbee’s fixed-position air quality station gives you the power to monitor outdoor air quality in real-time with stunning accuracy. Easily attach the sensor to a light pole, register the device and start collecting comprehensive air quality insights in under 10 minutes. 

Get to know the Air Quality Sensors of the Future

Sensorbee provides high accuracy.png

Guaranteed Accuracy

Edge AI Analysis ensures precise measurements of the most important air quality parameters: PM, CO, NO2, NO, O3, SO2

— all updated in real-time and transmitted wirelessly to your secure cloud account. And with added data buffer, you’ll never have to worry about losing data in the event of a network or power outage.

Sensorbee is energy efficient.png

Monitors are powered by discreet solar panels and rechargeable batteries or can be plugged into street light power sources. 5G low-power connectivity(LTE M1 & NB-IoT) saves energy and ensures reliable long-range coverage.

Energy Efficient

Sensorbee provides high gps accuracy

Built-In GPS for Localized Data and Easy Maintenance

GPS locators show you exactly which sensors need maintenance and where your data is coming from. The result is hyperlocal air quality measurements you know you can trust.

Sensorbee sensors easy exchange

Easy Exchange

Easily swap out gas and particle sensors with new ones that come pre-calibrated for you.

Sensorbee tag connector.png

 The Sensorbee
Tag Connector

Create a comprehensive weather monitoring station tailored to your city’s specific concerns. Each Sensorbee base unit features two ports for connecting additional power and weather sensors. Track wind, rain, soil humidity, and more.

  • Easy add external sensors or external power with the Sensorbee connector

  • Plug n Play: A new attached sensor show up in dashboard and API

  • Waterproof and rugged design

  • Design Patented


User Stories

"We wanted to measure the air pollution and particles with more sensors than we had done before. 12 sensors would give us great data."

Nina Svensson, Researcher Air quality, VTI

Hornsgatan in Stockholm is well known as the most polluted street in the city. In the spring of 2021 12 of Sensorbees fixed Air Quality Monitors were installed around the crossing of Hornsgatan and Ringvägen, the results showed how the particle levels varied.

Combine the Sensorbee products to suit Your Needs


The Sensorbee Fixed Position-Monitors can be combined with several add-on sensors for even more data. By plugging in a Sensorbee-tag to the unit, it automatically configured and show up in back-and views and APIs.

Install Sensorbee Air Quality Monitor stations
Sensorbee Fixed Position Air Pollution Monitor

Install your Sensorbee units with ease

The air quality monitoring units can easily be installed using the mounting bracket on either a pole using straps, or it can be screw-mounted. The Device snaps into place on the bracket, a screw can be added to the bottom of the device for a firm mounting.


Remotely Store, Manage, and Visualize Data

Air Pollution Data from Sensorbee

Sensorbee’s cloud computing software translates your data into easy-to-understand visualizations so you can make the most of your insights.


Monitor measurements, adjust settings, set critical alerts, and more all from the palm of your hand via our app.

Sensorbee Air Quality Monitoring

Getting started with Sensorbee is easy

Step 1

Purchase devices at a low upfront cost directly from Sensorbee or through our partner organizations.

Step 2

Choose the subscription model and analytics add-ons that matches your needs. Monthly subscription fees cover SIM card data, cloud software storage, and data management.

Step 3

Receive your monitors and start measuring air quality that same
day thanks to quick and easy installation.


You’ll get up to a full day of educational onboarding plus ongoing monthly support and
maintenance from our team to ensure seamless data collection.

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