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Wihlborgs and Sensorbee in collaboration for better air quality in office environment

The property company Wihlborgs will now use air quality sensors from Sensorbee to monitor air pollution in order to achieve good air quality and a healthy environment in office building Kvartetten in Hyllie, Malmö.

Poor air quality is a huge global problem. Outside air is usually polluted due to emissions from traffic, industry, and heating systems, among others. It is essential to take control of polluters to prevent environmental and health problems and to create a green future. Sensorbee has developed air quality systems with different monitors to provide this kind of data, and Wihlborgs will now use this system to monitor air quality in Kvartetten, an office building in Hyllie, Malmö.

David Löwenbrand, Simon Lexén and Melker Söremark by the installed sensor.

A sensor will be placed outside Kvartetten to monitor air pollution in the local area. The data will inform Wihlborgs of the actions that need to be taken to ensure good air quality for people visiting the office building.

"It is essential for us to know what needs to be done to create a healthy environment not just inside our buildings, but also outside and around them. This is an important part of our work towards a WELL certification," says Rickard Berlin, project leader at Wihlborgs.

For a green future

WELL certification focuses on human health and well-being. WELL consists of 10 concepts, such as a building's air quality, light exposure, movement, thermal comfort, materials, and more. Learning more about the particles and pollutants that exist in the air in different areas is essential to know what actions to take to fight this problem. It is also a key action in fighting climate change.

About the sensors

Sensorbee started in Linköping in 2018 and has since developed two different sensors: one vehicle-mounted sensor and one fixed position sensor. The sensors collect data and send it to cloud-based software that translates the data into easy-to-understand information.

The focus of this collaboration is the fixed position sensor. This sensor gets the small amount of energy it needs from a solar panel attached to the sensor. It is easy to install and connect, and within minutes one can start reading data about the local air quality.

"We are so happy for this collaboration. Wihlborgs and Sensorbee have the same values and want to ensure the health of people and a green future," says David Löwenbrand, CEO at Sensorbee.

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