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New EU directives on air pollution

26 october 2022, the European Commission published some great news. They want to make stronger rules about water, ground and air pollution. A new goal is about to be set; an environment free of harmful pollution by 2050.

The European Commission wants a revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives and the list of controlled pollutants. The European Commission will set stricter rules for fine particulate matter, PM 2.5, and cut the maximum level allowed by more than half by 2030. Finally, the responsibility for cleaning up pollution is now clarified; from now on the accountability lies with the ones causing pollution. These are steps toward the European Green Deal- an environment free of harmful pollution by 2050.


Every year nearly 300 000 Europeans die as a result of air pollution, many of them prematurely. Each day new information comes about the degree to which public health is directly endangered by pollution. We know the water and ground is polluted and we know the air we breathe is not clean. The pollution implies danger and high risks of sickness to humans and the environment. It is not just a huge cost for our health and the earth, it is also a huge economical cost. The cost of healthcare to treat health problems caused by pollution as well as the huge amount of money needed to clean up polluted areas. By tackling pollution and making strict rules now, billions of euros can be saved.

Barcelona is one of the most polluted cities in Europe, together with Athens and Milan.

The new rules and regulations will prevent pollution from occurring. There will also be a change in norms- the polluter will pay to clean up. Not associations, volunteers, governments or tax-payers. In this way pollution will be tackled from both ways, both preventing pollution and clarifying the responsibility for decontamination.

The European Commission is spreading hope with this initiative. They show that they are ready to take action against pollution. But they also encourage you and me to be a part of this. One thing you can do today is to investigate the air quality around you. How is the air quality at your job? How is the air quality in your children's school? How is the air quality in the area where you live? By monitoring air quality you can map the pollutants around you and take action against poor air quality and air pollution. We at Sensorbee will provide you with the tools you need, read more here.

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