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The air our children breath

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Often when we think about air pollution we picture heavy traffic, huge chimneys and factories. When we think about clean, fresh air our minds tend to wander away to nature, rippling streams and deep forests. But how about the air we breathe where we live? And how about the air our children breathe during all their years in school?

Research has several times pointed out that good air quality is very important for children's health and their ability to perform well in school.

But why is this important? It’s easy to underestimate what poor air quality can do to our health. Here are some risks and effects:

Short term health effects




Difficulty concentrating

Low energy

Lack of motivation

Long term health risks





The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning says that schools need to implement a mandatory check of the ventilation (in Swedish shortened OVK) every third year. The report “Dags att rensa luften” (Time to clean the air) made by Blue air and Augur in 2021 shows there is no regulation about particles and emissions in the air, it is just about the air flow. The smaller particles in the air are the most harmful ones, because they can make their way into the bloodstream through the lungs and cause damage and health issues.

This is about the inside air. How about the outside air? Do we even consider the air children breathe during breaks or waiting for the school bus? Particles from vehicles, airplanes, combustion etcetera ends up in the air, and it may travel quite a bit through the wind.

What can you do about it? One important step to fight air pollution is to monitor the air quality and evaluate the data. In that way you get a clear picture of the situation and can take further actions depending on the findings. With air quality sensors from Sensorbee you can measure both the inside and outside air.

By monitoring the air quality both inside and outside school buildings you get the full picture. Then you can take action against particles and emissions in the breathing air. By doing so you contribute to a safe and healthy environment for the children and for the future!
David Löwenbrand, CEO Sensorbee

Do you want to know more about monitoring air quality like this? Read more about our sensors here, or contact us!

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