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What can you learn from mobile air quality sensors?

Many Linköping residents have met the colorful autonome buses that traffic Linköping University and Vallastaden. What you might not know is that these are not only buses, but mobile research stations. The research project Ride the Future, coordinated by VTI, uses the buses for many things. One of those is to gather data about the air quality of their surroundings.

VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, has a mission to perform research related to infrastructure, traffic and transport in Sweden, and to contribute to the development of the goals of Swedish transport policy.

Throughout the project of Ride the Future, sensors from Sensorbee have been used to evaluate the use of mobile air quality sensors and how mobile and fixed sensors can complement each other.

- By using our mobile sensor installations we get a better picture of how the air quality varies in time and space, says David Löwenbrand, CEO of Sensorbee.

The Sensorbee units used in the study have given valuable information of air pollution levels that can be useful for planning purposes and general recommendations to the public.

- Our sensors are especially good at measuring small-sized pollution, which data from this study clearly presented, David Löwenbrand says.

The sensors used in the study measure particles in different sizes, measure temperature, humidity and wind. The study showed that they could very much be relevant for research purposes. The collected data in this research was visualized with the software platform EdevaLive from Edeva, who was a partner in the project.

We know Sensorbee and working with them is easy. It would be interesting to make more studies and measure other kinds of air pollution, measuring vehicles with higher speed and speed with other sensors too. Nina Svensson, Researcher Air quality, VTI

The sensor model used in the study was Sensorbee Air Quality sensors. Would you like to perform a study using our sensors? Please contact us today to learn more.

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