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About Us

Building breathable cities -
one data set at a time

Sensorbee is a fast-growing producer of all-in-one air quality solutions based in Linköping, Sweden. We provide air quality monitoring hardware, intuitive software, and big data insights to governments and businesses working to improve air quality for billions of people around the world. Our mission is to secure a healthier future
for all by making air quality monitoring more simple, affordable, and effective than ever before.

Our purpose in one sentence

We improve quality of life by creating insights using environmental sensors, AI and cloud.

What We Believe In


New problems require new solutions. We believe in the power of innovation and creative problem-solving to create a better, more sustainable future for the many.


To change something, you must first understand it. We start with the data to create solutions that are necessary and valuable to improving air quality. Then we design products that help others harness the power of data insights to advance their causes  and secure a better future for their communities.


Critical information like air quality data should be easy to understand and available to all. Our products break down the complex for more informed decision-making at all levels—from individual citizens to the world’s governments.


Clean air is only one of life’s necessary resources. We aim to protect and preserve all precious environmental resources through sustainable production practices. We choose good materials, engineer our products to maintain a long service life, and actively seek opportunities for improvement along the way.


Our Story

The company was founded in 2018 by David Löwenbrand and is based in Linköping, Sweden. Today 10+ people are working in the company in Sweden as well as in the Philippines. David started his career co-founding Kreatel, that later was sold to Motorola. He have experience with both hardware as well as cloud services business. Jonas Blick has a professional background in hardware and embedded engineering from Motorola and Arris, his IP-based set-top -box designs are sitting in millions of homes. Elixir Rodil, have been working with the Sensorbee since the company start and are together with the back-end team driving our cloud services forward to handle the all massive amount of sensordata being collected. Our products are mostly produced in Sweden.

David Löwenbrand
Jonas Blick
R&D Manager
Elixer Rodil
Cloud Development Manager
Simon Lexén
Maria (1)_edited.jpg
Maria Åkerlund

Our Impact goals

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Sensorbee has been awarded a business development grant from the EU funded internationalisation program. This funding will support our expansion into new international markets by bringing in external expertise, enhancing our global strategy, and fostering new customer relationships. We are excited to grow and make a significant impact on the global stage.

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