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Sensorbee News & Insights

Discover unparalleled adaptability and precision in air quality monitoring with Sensorbee. Our products and services are designed to provide comprehensive, customizable solutions for every need.

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News & Insights

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Air Pro 2 vs Air Lite

When it comes to monitoring air quality, Sensorbee have two devices: Air Pro 2 and Air Lite. Both are great, but which one fits your...

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Understanding the Health Impact of Particulate Matter

Today, with fast industrial growth and cities getting bigger, the air quality has become a big problem we can't ignore. One of the main...

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The hidden toll of Air Pollution: Europe's Health Burden in 2023

In 2023, the impact of air pollution on health in Europe remains a paramount concern. Sensorbee's latest analysis, inspired by the "Harm...

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Breathing Better: The role of technology in tackling Air Pollution

Introduction Air pollution, an invisible yet formidable foe, poses a significant threat to urban environments and public health. In our...

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Introducing the Air Pro 2 Cellular

Meet Sensorbee's Air Pro 2 Cellular, a sleek air quality sensor designed for urban life. This solar-powered, compact device provides...

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The Invisible Threat at Our Preschools

According to Sveriges Radio, It has shown that nearly half of all preschools are situated in areas with air quality levels deemed harmful...

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Europe's Air Quality in 2023: Challenges and Insights

In 2023, air quality remains a critical environmental and health concern in Europe. The "Europe's Air Quality Status 2023" report...

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Breathing matters: The Science of Air Quality explained by Sensorbee

Every day, we take about 20,000 breaths, but how often do we think about the quality of the air we breathe? At Sensorbee, we delve deep...

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The Critical Role of Advanced Monitoring in Public Health

Monitoring air quality is critical due to increasing environmental challenges. Human activities, like industrial emissions and...

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Enhancing public health through environmental awareness: Sensorbee's role in Air Quality improvement

At Sensorbee, we're deeply committed to fostering a healthier environment, a mission that resonates with the recent insights from the...

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Navigating the clean air landscape: EU Directives and the role of advanced Air Quality Monitoring

The pursuit of cleaner air has been at the forefront of environmental initiatives within the European Union (EU), with a strong emphasis...

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Sensorbee air quality sensors reaches the Greek market through Scientific Enterprises

Scientific Enterprises now offer Sensorbee air quality sensors to their customers in the Greek market. The sensors are Air Pro and Air...

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