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Air Quality 

Air Lite Solar: A solar-powered solution for basic air quality monitoring. Ideal for environments sensitive to air pollution levels.

Air Lite Cable: A reliable, cable-powered air quality monitor. Suitable for continuous indoor or urban monitoring.

Air Pro Solar: Advanced solar-powered air quality monitor with additional gas sensor capabilities. Perfect for comprehensive outdoor air quality analysis.

Air Pro Cable: High-performance, cable-powered monitor with gas sensor support. Designed for detailed air quality assessment in challenging environments.

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Weather Station

Air Pro Weather Solar: Solar-powered weather station equipped with wind and rain sensors, plus optional gas detection. Ideal for all-in-one environmental monitoring.

Air Pro Weather Cable: Cable-powered version offering detailed weather data and gas monitoring capabilities. Ensures accurate weather and air quality tracking.

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Data Logger 

Air Logger Solar: Solar-powered logger with gas sensor integration. Bring your own Modbus sensors for custom data collection.

Air Logger Cable: Cable-powered version for reliable, continuous data logging with gas sensor support. Easily integrate your own Modbus sensors.

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Air Construction: Tailored for the construction industry, this device monitors vibration and tilt alongside air quality. Ensures safety and compliance on construction sites.

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Sensorbee On Request

Custom Sensor Configuration: Our team assists in configuring sensors for various applications, ensuring you get the perfect sensor setup for your specific needs.

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Experience Sensorbee in Action

Witness the power of real-time, hyperlocal air quality monitoring. Leverage data-backed insights for a cleaner, healthier environment. Schedule a demo with Sensorbee today.

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