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Building the Future:
Sensorbee Construction

The Sensorbee Construction line is made to handle the tough world of construction work, keeping an eye on everything from vibration and air quality to temperature, humidity, and noise. It's built tough for the job site with a direct wire connection, sending data smoothly over the latest networks for an easy start and dependable use. It's all about making sure construction sites are safe, meet all the rules, and are kind to the environment. This series is our way of helping to look after both the people on site and the world around us, making it easier to manage risks and protect everyone involved.

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Key Features

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Tough and Reliable

Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of construction sites.

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Comprehensive Monitoring

Tracks a wide range of environmental parameters, including vibrations, for complete site analysis.

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Easy Data Transmission

Offers seamless connectivity over NB-IoT and LTE-M networks for efficient data sharing.

Air Construction

The Sensorbee Air Construction is a professional, durable tool designed for construction sites, capable of monitoring vibration, air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, and gases. Its strong, wired connection ensures reliable data collection and sharing over mobile networks, making setup and operation straightforward. Ideal for challenging construction environments, it provides vital data for safety, compliance, and environmental protection, becoming essential for risk management and worker and community well-being

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Application Areas 

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Site Safety

Monitor environmental conditions to protect workers' health.

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Regulatory Compliance

Ensure that construction activities meet environmental and safety standards.

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Environmental Oversight

Track the impact of construction activities on the surrounding environment.

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Ready to Secure Your Construction Site? 

Discover how Sensorbee Construction can contribute to safer, more efficient construction projects. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

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