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Breathe Easy:
Sensorbee Air Quality

Sensorbee is changing the game in air quality tracking with smart tech that's easy to use and gets you fast, accurate air pollution info. Our gear works everywhere—cities or countryside—and is built to last, work efficiently, and be super easy to set up. Plus, we're all about being green, ensuring our systems run smoothly even in places where power is scarce. With Sensorbee, you're getting a partner in making the air cleaner and communities healthier, all with minimal fuss.

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Key Features

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Compact and Versatile

Fits easily into any environment, supported by a low-energy design.

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Advanced Connectivity

Features dual-mode connectivity with Modbus RS-485 and LTE-M/NB-IoT options.

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User-Friendly Interface:

Manage your air quality system with ease via a web-based dashboard.

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Air Pro

The Sensorbee Air Pro is a professional device for monitoring air quality and gases, using a wired connection or solar panel. It measures dust, temperature, humidity, and connects to various gas sensors. With an external port for additional sensors and strong data sharing over mobile networks, it’s cost-efficient and ideal for industrial and urban use, providing detailed environmental data for informed decisions.

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Air Lite

The Sensorbee Air Lite  is a professional, eco-friendly tool for monitoring air quality, using power cable or solar power. It measures dust, temperature, humidity, and noise, suitable for cities and rural areas. It sends data in real-time over mobile networks, making it perfect for widespread use with its sustainable and cost-effective approach to tracking air quality.

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Air Lite Modbus

Sensorbee Air Lite, a cost-effective air quality monitoring solution for mass deployment. Ideal for monitoring particulate matter, temperature, humidity, and noise.
With Modbus RTU over RS-485 communication, easy installation, and low ownership costs, it’s the ideal
solution for air quality measurement in various industrial applications.

Application Areas 

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Smart City Initiatives

Enhance urban living with real-time air quality monitoring.

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Environmental Protection

Track air pollution levels to support conservation efforts.

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Public Health

Provide data to mitigate the health impacts of poor air quality.

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Take Control of Air Quality Monitoring 

Experience the advanced capabilities of Sensorbee Air Quality solutions. Reach out to discover how we can help you achieve cleaner, healthier air.

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