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Air Lite Cellular

Sensorbee Air Lite, a cost-effective air quality monitoring solution for mass deployment. Ideal for monitoring particulate matter, temperature, humidity, and noise via a software add-on license.


With real-time data transmission over mobile networks, NB-IoT, and LTE-M, our solution is easy to install and cost-effective to own. Its compatibility with solar panels also makes it an eco-friendly monitoring option.


Particle Matter Detection: PM1, PM2.5, PM10


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring


Noise Monitoring: Real-time noise monitoring with dBA technology


Connectivity: Supports NB-IoT, LTE-M


Power option: Solar panel or power cable

Sensorbee Cloud

Discover Sensorbee's advanced cloud platform and connectivity options. Our devices, integrated with the LWM2M protocol, provide compatibility with multiple back-ends and seamless integration with Sensorbee's portal. You can start with our user-friendly portal and transition to other back-ends, including Azure IoT and Amazon IoT, whenever needed.


With our intuitive portal, access historical data, adjust settings, and export sensor data with ease. Manage your fleet's health, settings, and firmware updates effortlessly through the LWM2M server. Stay connected with notifications delivered directly to your email and SMS.


Opt for Sensorbee to experience advanced, user-friendly air quality monitoring solutions.


Experience Sensorbee in Action

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