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Air Pro

Discover Sensorbee Air Pro, an advanced, compact air quality monitoring solution. This device provides precise, calibrated data, maintains connectivity during outages, and seamlessly integrates into any environment. Utilizing NB-IoT, LTE-M, and Modbus RS 485, it offers versatile connectivity options and is compatible with solar power sources. Its user-friendly app interface allows easy setup, control, and alerts. You can enhance its capabilities with external sensors, and monitor ambient noise with the innovative dBA technology add-on. Choose Sensorbee Air Pro for reliable, eco-friendly air quality monitoring.


Particle Matter Detection: Detects a wide size range


Gas Detection: Capable of monitoring up to 3 gases


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Accurately measures the ambient conditions


Noise Monitoring: Real-time noise monitoring with innovative dBA technology


Modular Design: Two ports for external power and sensors, allowing flexible environmental monitoring


Advanced Sensors: Utilizes calibrated sensors for precision data


Connectivity: Supports NB-IoT, LTE-M, and Modbus RS 485 for seamless integration


Data Buffering: Reliable data collection even during network or power outages.


Eco-Friendly: Compatible with solar panels and street light power usage


Cost-Effective Solution: High-quality air monitoring at a lower ownership cost




Integrating NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies, Sensorbee's air quality sensors provide extensive, dependable connectivity. They are perfect for wide-coverage applications, exploiting the remarkable consistency of these wireless communication technologies.


A distinguishing aspect of these sensors is their vast reach. Utilizing NB-IoT and LTE-M, these sensors can effectively transmit data from varied environments, from bustling urban centers to secluded industrial areas.  


Lastly, the incorporation of NB-IoT and LTE-M drastically improves data transmission competencies. They provide wider coverage and more reliable connections compared to other technologies. Sensorbee's sensors represent a significant advancement in air quality monitoring due to their superior NB-IoT and LTE-M connectivity.

Modbus RS 485

Utilizing the RS-485 Modbus protocol, Sensorbee's air quality sensors ensure robust data communication. They are ideal for industrial applications, taking full advantage of the Modbus protocol's recognized efficiency and broad adoption.


A key feature of these sensors is their multipoint connectivity, enabled by the RS-485 interface. This allows a single master to communicate effectively with up to 32 slave devices on the same bus.  


Finally, the RS-485 connection significantly enhances data transmission capabilities. It offers higher speeds and greater distance coverage than the traditional RS232 connection. Sensorbee's sensors signify a substantial technical leap in air quality monitoring, owing to their superior Modbus RS-485 connectivity.


Sensorbee Cloud And Apps

Discover Sensorbee's advanced cloud platform and connectivity options. Our devices, integrated with the LWM2M protocol, provide compatibility with multiple back-ends and seamless integration with Sensorbee's portal. You can start with our user-friendly portal and transition to other back-ends, including Azure IoT and Amazon IoT, whenever needed.


With our intuitive portal, access historical data, adjust settings, and export sensor data with ease. Manage your fleet's health, settings, and firmware updates effortlessly through the LWM2M server. Stay connected with notifications delivered directly to your email and SMS.


Sensorbee's robust offering extends to our mobile apps, designed for easy installation and access, and versatile APIs for seamless integration. Opt for Sensorbee to experience advanced, user-friendly air quality monitoring solutions.


Experience Sensorbee in Action

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