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Fighting poor air quality together; New collaboration with company in Switzerland

The European market is the goal for Sensorbee and just recently we have taken a big step to achieve this. We can’t take on the European market alone, we need the strength of collaborations with other companies and resellers. Therefore, let us present our new collaborator: Thingware GmbH.

We are happy to announce that Sensorbee has a new collaboration with Thingware GmbH, an IoT and IIoT company in Lausen, Switzerland. Thingware’s journey started in 2017 when Jan Schär founded, one of the largest marketplaces for IoT products. Within the Thingware GmbH group is also SmartConnect Installations, helping out with installation of IoT products and systems.

Thingware GmbH’s goal is to shape the technological landscape of tomorrow and create a smart, efficient and sustainable future. A goal and vision that truly matches Sensorbee.

Through this collaboration with Thingware GmbH air quality monitoring with sensors and systems from Sensorbee will be accessible in Switzerland.

I am so happy for this collaboration, and our new friendship with the Thingware team! Switzerland has been a goal for a while, and now Sensorbee is finally there. Me and my team are looking forward to a long collaboration with Thingware GmbH.

Simon Lexén, CSO at Sensorbee

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