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Get the whole picture with mobile air quality monitors from Sensorbee

There are different ways to measure the air quality. You can install fixed position monitors and measure the air in one area. You can also install mobile monitors on vehicles and measure different surroundings in motion. Mobile air quality monitors together with fixed position monitors creates an air quality monitoring system which gives you the whole picture of the emissions of the chosen area.

Why should you even monitor data of emissions and pollution?

The answer is; to fight poor air quality and climate change. Yes, these subjects are huge and overwhelming. Maybe you feel like giving up. But please don’t. Let’s fight this together. One important step is to measure and collect data in the air. Once you have the data you can see the levels of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. Decode the data and then you know what actions you need to take.

We’ve just updated our mobile air quality monitor. Now it’s even more reliable thanks to the special design of the protective housing. You can fasten the mobile monitors from Sensorbee on the roof of vehicles (cars, buses, trucks etc.) using either the magnetic feet or screws. The mobile air quality monitor is powered by 5V USB cord and has built in cellular connectivity and GPS to geolocate every sample. So you can get the data you need to map emissions.

What are the benefits of mobile air quality monitors?

There are several benefits using this kind of monitor, here is a list:

  • Mobile air quality monitors from Sensorbee make it possible to measure emissions and pollution in places where fixed position air quality monitors are hard to install.

  • With mobile monitors you can obtain hyperlocal data.

  • Mobile monitors make it possible to extend the geographic area of monitoring, and that gives you even more environmental data to consider and help you to take action.

  • Mobile air quality monitors from Sensorbee are very versatile and can be installed on different kinds of vehicles.

  • With mobile monitors you can get data based on regular journeys, read more about a research project with mobile monitors from Senorbee here.

  • Mobile monitors are small and flexible, but yet powerful.

  • Mobile air quality monitors are a great tool to come across hotspots of emissions and mapping these polluted areas.

We, the team on Sensorbee, want to give you the toolset to monitor and fight emissions and pollution. Together we can prevent poor air quality and make the future green. Are you ready to take the fight?

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