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Sensorbee air quality sensors reaches the Greek market through Scientific Enterprises

Scientific Enterprises now offer Sensorbee air quality sensors to their customers in the Greek market. The sensors are Air Pro and Air Lite, which provide accurate and reliable real-time data on airborne pollutants, such as CO2, CO, NO2, O3, and SO2. These sensors are suitable for various areas of use including city planning, industrial monitoring and research about air quality and air pollution.

Scientific Enterprises is a leading Greek company specializing in high technology applications in various industries, with a focus on innovation and sustainability. They offer solutions in meteorology, hydrology, air pollution, data logging, agriculture, industry, logistics, maritime, IT solutions, and IoT education.

Sensorbee specializes in real-time air quality monitoring solutions. Using the air quality sensors, Air Pro and Air Lite, one is provided with accurate data through the Sensorbee cloud; a user-friendly portal for managing the data, devices and services. Sensorbee’s vision is that air quality monitoring shouldn’t be difficult.

This is such great news, Scientific Enterprises and Sensorbee are both working for a green future. Sensorbee’s air quality sensors can truly make a change and be a part of reducing air pollution in Greece, says Simon Lexén, CSO at Sensorbee.

Scientific Enterprises sees the importance of sustainable development and actively contributes to lower the environmental impact through their provided solutions for air pollution control, energy consumption monitoring, and renewable energy applications. Their diverse portfolio, customer-centric approach, and commitment to sustainability set Scientific Enterprises apart in the Greek business landscape.

With Sensorbee's air quality sensors deployed across Greece and Europe, businesses and governments can get accurate air quality real-time data and make informed decisions for a cleaner and healthier future.

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