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Thanks to a new partnership, air quality systems from Sensorbee are now in Spain

The Spanish company Sensovant is specialized in air quality and meteorological monitoring, with markets both nationally and internationally. Now you can find sensors from Sensorbee in their product catalog.

Sensovant is not a newcomer in this field. In fact the company has nearly 30 years of experience in instrumentation and control. The team is driven by a true passion which has led the company to an impressive level of experience and knowledge. The truth is that Sensovant is a leading company in the field of measurement and control instrumentation applied to the fields of air conditioning, industry, environment and agriculture. It is located in Valencia, close to the Mediterranean coast.

This partnership is a great step to get our air quality sensors out on the European market. We couldn’t be happier to have Sensovant as our partner, says Simon Lexén, CSO at Sensorbee.

Through this partnership, our air quality sensors are reaching the Spanish market and other potential Spanish-speaking customers.

I truly got a good feeling about this partnership with Sensovant. We understand each other. Both companies are working for a smart and sustainable society, and we are driven by the same kind of passion, Simon Lexén concludes.

David Löwenbrand, José M Raimundo, Bror Wijgård, Jonas Blick and Simon Lexén

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