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Sensorbee Products: The Ultimate Air Quality Solution

Discover unparalleled adaptability and precision in air quality monitoring with Sensorbee. Our products and services are designed to provide comprehensive, customizable solutions for every need.

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Unmatched Flexibility in Measurement

Modular Design: Easily add extra sensors through our Modbus ports, measuring up to 6 gases and particulate matter simultaneously.
Customizable: Tailor your device with our modular gas options to perfectly meet your monitoring requirements.

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Solar-Powered Freedom

Sustainable Operation: Our devices are equipped with solar panels and an internal battery, ensuring continuous operation without external power sources.

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Affordable Quality

Economic Efficiency: Benefit from premium sensors at a mid-range price, offering high-quality data without the high cost.

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Hassle-Free Experience

Easy Setup and Maintenance: Enjoy simple, quick installation and low maintenance with our lightweight, compact designs.

Advanced Technology: Our sensors boast NB-IoT and LTE-M connectivity, operate in extreme temperatures, and have an IP65 rating, ensuring reliable data in any condition


Smart Connectivity

Innovative Features: With a modular secondary connectivity interface, remote cloud calibration, built-in GPS, and a heating element for humidity control, managing your sensors has never been easier.

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Sensorbee Cloud: Data Management Made Easy

Stay Informed: Instant alerts and multi-level user management make our cloud services cost-efficient and straightforward.

Data Accessibility: Create heat maps, forward sensor values easily, and enjoy seamless server integration with our open LwM2M solution.

Customization: The OEM cloud portal allows for full customization, and autonomous sensor positioning ensures optimal data collection.

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Why Choose Sensorbee?

Sensorbee stands at the intersection of flexibility, affordability, and ease of use in air quality monitoring. Our solar-powered, customizable sensors, paired with a powerful, intuitive cloud platform, make sophisticated air quality monitoring accessible and efficient for everyone, from small communities to large corporations.

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Explore Our Products

Air Quality 

Air Lite Solar: A solar-powered solution for basic air quality monitoring. Ideal for environments sensitive to air pollution levels.

Air Lite Cable: A reliable, cable-powered air quality monitor. Suitable for continuous indoor or urban monitoring.

Air Pro Solar: Advanced solar-powered air quality monitor with additional gas sensor capabilities. Perfect for comprehensive outdoor air quality analysis.

Air Pro Cable: High-performance, cable-powered monitor with gas sensor support. Designed for detailed air quality assessment in challenging environments.

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Weather Station

Air Pro Weather Solar: Solar-powered weather station equipped with wind and rain sensors, plus optional gas detection. Ideal for all-in-one environmental monitoring.

Air Pro Weather Cable: Cable-powered version offering detailed weather data and gas monitoring capabilities. Ensures accurate weather and air quality tracking.

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Data Logger 

Air Logger Solar: Solar-powered logger with gas sensor integration. Bring your own Modbus sensors for custom data collection.

Air Logger Cable: Cable-powered version for reliable, continuous data logging with gas sensor support. Easily integrate your own Modbus sensors.

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Air Construction: Tailored for the construction industry, this device monitors vibration and tilt alongside air quality. Ensures safety and compliance on construction sites.

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Sensorbee On Request

Custom Sensor Configuration: Our team assists in configuring sensors for various applications, ensuring you get the perfect sensor setup for your specific needs.

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About Sensorbee?

Sensorbee is a fast-growing producer of all-in-one air quality solutions based in Linköping, Sweden. We provide air quality monitoring hardware, intuitive software, and big data insights to governments and businesses working to improve air quality for billions of people around the world.

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