The only all-in-one air quality monitoring system created for smart cities

Collect, analyze, and improve air quality in your area with data-backed insights made simple

Advanced outdoor air quality monitors plus the data you need to make a difference


Sensorbee empowers governments, researchers, and citizens with hyperlocal air quality monitoring tools so they can make more informed decisions for the future.

Our patented plug-and-play sensors monitor pollutants in real-time.
While our powerful cloud software stores and analyzes data from across the city. Combined, our products make air quality monitoring simple, affordable, and effective so we can all breathe a little easier.

Urban View

Hyperlocal Air Quality Monitoring Systems


Monitor air quality with maximum accuracy thanks to powerful fixed-position and vehicle-mounted sensors. Individual monitors connect to create a network of data collection across the city with location-tracked insights updated in real-time. Easy to install, solar- powered, and compatible with other weather sensors, Sensorbee sensors offer the most advanced air quality measurements and unparalleled ease of use.


Sensorbee Cloud


Manage all of your devices and data on one secure, easy-to- use platform. With Sensorbee Cloud, you can adjust monitor settings, set up critical alerts, and visualize data so you’ll always be in control. Easily register new devices in-app by scanning the QR code to start collecting air quality insights in less than 10 minutes.


Sensorbee City

Get a big picture understanding of your city’s air quality with
detailed heat maps of citywide pollution and noise so you can take
informed action. Slide back in time to measure the effects of policy
changes or forward to forecast new ones. With Sensorbee City insights, you
can reduce exposure to environmental hazards and prevent future
damage like never before.

Network access using modern cellular technology


Our partners

“The Sensorbee solution has extended our current smart-city
offerings with an easy-to-use air quality solution. We have, for the last
year, worked on several successful projects. Looking forward working
together in the coming years.”

—David Eskilsson
CEO of Edeva

The only all-in-one air quality monitoring solution

Low upfront cost
Subscription-based pricing
Technical support
Powerful & intuitive data

The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute



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